Marble + Rye is a full service restaurant and bar that seats 75 patrons. The bar has a select menu of thoughtful cocktails, craft beer, and an impressive selection of rye whiskey and other premium spirits. Our menu has a strict emphasis on fresh, seasonal ingredients that stands as the core of our food philosophy. We make everything from scratch and use local suppliers and farms whenever possible.

Food is our heart. Whiskey is our soul. Combining them in artful ways that elevate your dining experience is our life.

To craft our dishes, we use only the highest quality ingredients and combine them in novel and exciting ways. The end result is honesty, allowing the food to speak for itself, further highlighting ingredients we choose. You can call it New American cuisine, but our transformative cooking methods utilizing our cast-iron Mexican Plancha and All-Wood-Fired oven elevate our dishes beyond what you might expect them to be.

Our focus on rye whiskey is buoyed by the emergent craft cocktail revolution. This traditional spirit is entering a new Golden Era as mixologists across the country strive for perfect combinations of potent authenticity. Of course, we are believers in every person’s right to their drink of choice, so you’ll always find a fully-stocked bar and knowledgeable bartenders that can steer you towards something delicious that will put a sparkle in your eye.

The Dining Room

Our dining room is more than just a collection of tables and chairs. It is a carefully curated extension of ourselves. It is important to us that every single person that enters our restaurant gets the opportunity to enjoy a truly remarkable dining experience. We believe in providing a comfortable, chic setting that allows our guests to relax and enjoy an atmosphere that combines at-home comfort with trend setting energy, modern sensibility with timeless class.

The Bar

We believe in the power of the bar. It’s the beating heart of the restaurant, the place where strangers become friends, where friends become family, and where family becomes inseparable. Our bar menu has a heavy focus on traditional American rye whiskey because, quite frankly, that’s what we like to drink. We think you’ll like it too. It’s spicy, dry, and noticeably less sweet than bourbon. Of course, we also offer a distinctive range of craft beers and other strong-bodied spirits as well.

The Bottle Keep

Ask us about our exclusive whiskey program for access to your own storage locker, available to you (and only you) by displaying your VIP card. Stop in or call our team at (716) 853-1390 for more information.